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Another Positive RG351V Review Retro Dodo posted their review of the 351V today and it's mostly positive as expected. Click the above link for their review on YouTube.  I disagree with their stance that the console doesn't look that great from the front but do agree that the reset and power buttons look way too small.  My unit is still in shipping limbo and has been for 8 days now so I have no idea when I'll actually get my hands on it... I noticed they've been showing up on places like BangGood the last few days for as low as $97.99. Not sure if those prices can be trusted being that the 351V just came out this week at $108.99. 

TRIMUi Model S Review (Micro Retro Handheld)

TRIMUi Model S  Aka PowKiddy A66 *Update: The original score here is using stock firmware. With hard work from Shaun Inman and others using custom workarounds (MinUI, GMenuNX), I bumped the score on this handheld up to 7/10. The work done on this handheld by community developers has drastically improved it over time.  *Update August 2021 3D Printing Option to Improve D-Pad: *Prounounced like Trim-U.I.* Due to the nature of this type of handheld,  my review score is broken down 3 ways. If you aren't interested in tinkering with this one quite a bit to get it going I'd avoid buying one. If you do like having to mess around with systems it does have some value. Review based on the console as it stands at the end of February, 2021. There's always the possibility it could get better.  Out of the Box: 3/10 Latest Firmware: 4/10 Custom Firmware: 7/10 Price Paid: $49.99 @ Pric