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AYANEO NEXT Looks Sharp (Handheld PC)

It looks like the new AYANEO NEXT models will be happening soon. They certainly look sharp and well designed. I wasn't  aware that it was this close to becoming a thing until Retro Game Corps tweeted about it: It appears there will be 3 different models (Base, NEXT Advance & NEXT Pro) of the AYANEO NEXT, and will all be viable alternatives for people who don't get a Steam Deck , although these are drastically more expensive. The base model runs $1265 on Indiegogo pre-order and increases to $1315 retail. The "Pro" model is $1465 on pre-order with a retail price of $1565. Personally, I'm sticking with the more capable Steam Deck at these prices.  Judging by the specs below,  these should be able to handle most handheld PC gaming desires but at a very high cost (price well above value I think)...

PowKiddy Handheld Running Windows 10?

Looks like PowKiddy might be working on a Windows 10 handheld. There's been a little charter about it on Discord but not much information to go off.... I'll file this one in the very loose rumor category with not much to go off. If true we'll eventually see something on their site. Source:

Reserving a Steam Deck Today! As long as you have a Steam account in good standing with previous game purchase(s) you can reserve a Steam Deck (shipping in December) today for $5 down.  There are 3 models available but only two seem like smart moves to me. The base model is only $399 but only has 64GB eMMC internal memory. That will pretty much lock you out of some fairly large games out of the gate.  I'm likely opting for the $529 model which has 256GB NVMe (much faster than eMMC) internal storage. There's also a $649 model with 512GB storage. If you plan to play big file current generation games, you'll definitely need 256 or 512. The 64GB model would be fine for older games and emulation. Running ROMs off a microSD wouldn't be an issue but you probably wouldn't want to run huge PC games off external storage.  Regardless I'm pretty excited about this recently announced handheld. We've been hearing rumors for months about it but wasn't expec

Handheld Gaming PC on Steroids: OneGX 1 Pro

The future of handheld PC gaming looks like its starting to really ramp up... it comes at a big price tag though (and likely worth it). If you haven't checked out the OneGX 1 Pro model from One-Netbook you need to do so now but break out the checkbook too.  Hit the link below for specs: Unfortunately for me this is way outside my budget but I'm hoping to at least get to check one out one day. The tech advances and manufacturing advances going on now will likely increase the quality of lower end options as well.  As I'm more geared towards retro gaming this beast would be a bit of overkill but I still want to check one out. Only thing I notice that I don't like for sure is the button style d-pad.