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Retro Game Handhelds Need More DIY Upgrade Options

 Moorechip surprised everyone back when the Retroid Pocket 2 PCB Upgrade kit option occurred during the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus launch. It was an excellent idea that allowed original RP2 owners to Upgrade their device without buying a new handheld.  Unfortunately, the price didn't make a lot of sense when a fully assembled Retroid Pocket 2 Plus was only $99.  I'm hoping they do the same thing down the road with the Retroid Pocket 3, but in a way that makes a little more financial sense. This time around,  there will likely be no need to replace the screen which could make it an affordable deal. There has been signs from the company that the Retroid Pocket 3 was designed with a future upgrade in mind,  so I wouldn't be surprised if the RP3+ occurs by mid-2023.  To Upgrade an original Retroid Pocket 2 to a 2+ runs $85 for screen and PCB kit. It made more sense to just spend $14 more and get a fully assembled RP2+ and still have the original handheld as a spare.  There are many