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Aya Neo PS2 Emulation Video (YouTube)

The Phawx posted an interesting video testing out 12 Playstation 2 games on the portable Aya-Neo. Hit the link below for the video: To me it looks pretty smooth for PS2 on the go. Emulation had definitely come a long way in the past few years. The Aya-Neo certainly isn't cheap but good things rarely are. I may eventually get one or one of the future upgrades we know are probably coming but it's currently a bit out of my budget with my hands tied up in so many other things.  Hit the link below for more information on this very powerful handheld.

PocketGo S30 Portable Looks Sharp

The Pocket Go S30 first run is now available at  RetroMimi  for $59.99 and looks like it will go up to $89.99 after the first run. I've seen some reports of loose buttons but can't confirm that.  The game console looks slick and like a Nintendo produced product. While the form looks awesome and it looks like a decent system I'm not sure if I'm going to pull the trigger on it even at $60.  I'm going to think over for a couple days. Already using the RG350, RG350P and Retroid Pocket 2 regularly, I don't see much room in my collection for it other than the nostalgic look.  The specs are nothing revolutionary but here they are.  Obscure Handhelds has a good breakdown on the info.   Check it out:

Must Follow Instagram Shop

If you are looking for a pretty solid game console shop to look into, I'd definitely check out  JellyBellyCustoms  on Instagram especially if you are into rebuilt Gameboy Advance (GBA) consoles.  While I haven't ordered anything from them yet I have gotten some inspiration from the photos.