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Retro (Vintage) Game Price Surge

The above graphic from  shows just how much the average price of vintage games has gone up in just 3 years.  Instead of investing in stocks,  perhaps people should have been buying up Gamecube and TG16-CD games.  What's causing the vintage gaming boom?  The popular theory is that the social distancing and quarantine during Covid-19 in 2020 increased the amount of collecting people do and the amount of in home gaming going on. Demand for retro and vintage games naturally caused a soaring spike in prices.  Nostalgia and online shopping have definitely seen a big comeback over the past year. In addition to people wanting to play original classics on original hardware,  emulation has also seen a big boom with handheld SBC Gaming Consoles seeing a huge increase in quality over the past year.  Some believe the trend will end but I'm not so sure. Life is not going back to "normal" post Covid and the retro gaming boom has enough momentum