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Samsung Should Make A Gaming Phone (Random Thoughts)

Random Thoughts I remember seeing these cool mock-up designs of what a new PlayStation phone might look like from Anesthétique Projets via Yanko Design about 6 months ago.   I find it unlikely Sony will even attempt to jump back into the portable handheld market but what if Samsung did?  My loose thoughts of the day is you take the above design, move the camera a bit but extend the width a little and  use the Samsung Flip technology to make it fold in half. Designed right you could probably fit some flat sticks that aren't quite as flat here and keep the whole thing very portable when it flips in half.  Definitely just some very loose and unrealistic ideas here but gamers do deserve the perfect gaming phone at some point. The tech exists to make it happen! I find it unlikely for Sony to make it happen, Apple definitely wouldn't make it happen but Samsung takes risks so if anyone can make it happen,  it's them.  htt