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GameForce Chi RK3326 Two Weeks After Review

I reviewed the GameForce Chi (RK3326) two weeks back and my score of 8.3/10 still stands. When it comes to RK3326 devices I'm only using the RG351V and GameForce with regularity at this point. While my score remains the same I do have to say I am definitely pleased with my purchase.  I made a couple minor tweaks to the system including adding some padding behind the face buttons which was suggested by others in Discord which has mostly eliminated the button travel issue and added some Vita style thumb grips. I still have future plans to work on the LEDs a little bit and add Vita thumb-sticks (haven't gotten around to that yet) but nothing major planned.  You can purchase the GameForce at .  GameForce Guides:  So far I've only seen one good guide for the GameForce over at and it will likely be the definitive guide that covers all the basics:  https://r