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GameForce RK3326 In Mass Production

Pretty interesting read over at Obscure Handhelds concerning developments with the GameForce RK3326. (LINK BELOW) The last price I heard on the console is $89.99 which puts it in the range of other RK3326 handhelds. At this point there are quite a few.  It appears there will be 3 color variants. It's a weird looking console but honestly I like the design a lot.  It looks like it will be very comfortable in the hands and has a nice screen size. This device has been on my radar for a while and is a Day 1 purchase for me.

GameForce RK3326 Pre-Release Unboxing and Tear Down (YouTube)

An excellent Pre-Release Unboxing and Tear Down video of the GameForce RK3326 handheld was just posted by Always Be Fun on YouTube. I've been closely following this console and can't wait to get my hands on it. The ergonomics look great. Check out the new video at the link below:

Anbernic RG351V Screen Looks Great

The Anbernic RG351V will be available within a couple weeks along with the GameForce RK3326 which are probably the two handhelds I am most interested in getting my hands on at the moment. There will be 3 colors available but I think I'm going for the wood grain aesthetic myself just because that's not usual. Screenshot from @ DIYGameModz on Twitter

Handheld Watchlist: Gameforce RK3326

Word on the street is that the Gameforce RK3326 should be appearing for sale at some point during the next 2 weeks.  Its definitely on my watchlist so I'm just waiting to see the price point. If money was no object I'd buy every handheld but unfortunately it definitely is an object at a certain point.  What really attracts me to the Gameforce is the aesthetic more than the specs. The specs are by no means overwhelming but 640x480 on an RK3326 system certainly makes it an option.  If the price is right I'll probably order one just for the looks. Most GBA-ish style consoles look terrible. This one looks great from the few images and videos I have seen.  Obscure Handhelds had a nice WRITE-UP on it a couple months back worth reading. Image below from the article.