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Xbox Game Pass: March 2022 Games

Xbox Game Pass  I only recently jumped back into the Xbox scene,  but I definitely have to say that the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gets me a lot more $ for $ than online subscriptions from Sony and Nintendo. I recently canceled my PS Now and Apple Arcade subscriptions, so my only online game service  subscriptions left are Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Google Play Pass (Android), PlayStation Plus, and Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pass.  While most of my gaming interests are in retro and classic gaming,  Xbox Series X|S has a nice balance of old and new games along with great emulation options using Dev Mode! Games Leaving Xbox Game Pass in March:  Titanfall (March 1) Games Leaving "Soon" (Some Were Supposed To Already Be Gone): Kingdom Hearts III Tohou Luna Nights Hypnospace Outlaw Stealth Inc. 2 Killer Queen Black Unlike PlayStation Plus where you can play a game forever as long as you subscri