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Anbernic RG300X: Specs, Price & Info

Anbernic RG300X When it comes to cheap sub $100 budget retro emulation handhelds, Anbernic is well known for quality options.  Initial Hands Off Impression   The Good -It looks great -Pocketable -Excellent Screen -Looks well-built  The Bad -A little overpriced -Not much of an upgrade over cheaper options  I'll likely sit this handheld out myself but it's still a potential option for collectors and anyone who just really likes the look. I think it will be a good handheld although a little overpriced at the moment. I'd drop $70 or less on it no questions myself.  The RG300X dropped today at the price of $87.99-$95.99 depending on the size of included MicroSD card. It's generally best to use your own card with a fresh firmware install with these devices so I'd advice against spending $95.99. Personally I think the price should have been around $60-$70... Emulation-wise it