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Anbernic RG351V: Still Worth Buying?

Anbernic RG351V  I still see a lot of people asking about the RG351V and whether it's still a good buy. The short answer is that it's definitely still a great option! It's still firmly in my top 5 regularly used devices!  My Original 351V Review (March 2021) [LINK] While the 351V is certainly outmatched in power by the upcoming 353V, I think the 351V is still a more ergonomic option and is about the size of an original Game Boy DMG and has an amazing screen that's very sharp with good color saturation. At this point, I'd still recommend the RG351V for PS1 and below level emulation and it's still an "ok" option for Dreamcast and PSP if you are willing to deep dive into settings.  While I'm glad that we've moved past the RK3326 era where there was one handheld after another using the same SoC, the 351V was the best overall buy of all the RK3326 options.  The best place to buy an RG351V if you don't mind a short wait for international shipping

Upcoming Anbernic Mini May Look More Like A Game Boy DMG

 The Anbernic Mini is an upcoming device I'm keeping an eye on. It may have a closed OS (which I'm not fond of) but it does look like a comfortable and larger Miyoo Mini look-alike. Photos below are from khz90 on Discord. 'maxzhou88' is Anbernic's handheld designer. Info that comes from him can be considered fact not rumor.   It looks like the render for the Anbernic Mini may be a little off and the final product may be a lot closer to the nostalgic OG Nintendo Game Boy DMG.