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GPD Win 3: Some Units Have Wrong WiFi Chip

It looks like according to Reddit and confirmed on the GPD site, some people are receiving Win 3 units with older WiFi chips installed. I'm sure this has something to do with the widespread parts shortages going on but they probably should have announced this before people receiving them started noticing.   The advertised specs on the Win 3 (which is not a cheap device) show an AX200 WiFi chip but some customers are receiving units with an older AC7265 part installed. It's not a huge deal but it certainly raises eyebrows. From the looks of things GPD is promising to make things right with buyers but this definitely doesn't look good... Perhaps they thought no one would notice. Hard to know what the reason behind this blunder is. Definitely not a major deal breaker but it's certainly not a good look.   If you plan to buy a Win 3 or already ordered one, definitely be on the lookout for this issue.