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GKD Pro Is Another Handheld Option...

GKD Pro Handheld The GKD Pro is a slightly tempting handheld option coming up from Game Kiddy as a Kickstarter project but with things like the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus coming in at $99.99, dropping $139+ on this new version of the GKD Mini seems a little on the high side. Had this been a year ago, the option would be more appealing. This handheld is expected to ship February 2022.  There is currently 28 days to go on the campaign and prices range from $139 and up. The limited early bird perk at $129 is no longer available. Spec-wise the GKD Pro is definitely not the best $ for $ deal but it does look good and might be an option for collectors. It's also a Kickstarter project so actually receiving one after paying is not guaranteed. The metal shell and very pocketable form factor make it a tempting purchase though... For me,  it's a hard pass simply because this isn&#