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GKD Mini Plus Classic [Known Specs]

  The GKD Mini Plus Classic (not to be confused with the GKD Mini Plus) looks to be a powerful option that competes with the Anbernic RG353V running the same SoC (RK3566). Both devices have the same internal specs. The Mini Plus has an optional Dock that adds thumb-sticks.  The demos have been shown to run a version of JELOS but is not supported by JELOS (yet anyway). IF GKD sends units to community developers, there's a possibility this device could get supported.  A convenient tool to compare devices is the retro handhelds spreadsheet from timeisart:  Handhelds Spread Sheet Link Key Known GKD Mini Plus Classic SPECS  OS/Firmware: Linux (JELOS) on Demo. Reportedly will ship with a different OS.  Emulation Power: Should Handle Up to N64/PSP SoC: RK3566  CPU: Cortex-A55 CPU Cores: 4 CPU Threads: 4 CPU Clock: 1.8 GHz Architecture: ARM  GPU: Mali-G52 2EE GPU Clock: 850 MHz RAM: 1GB Screen: 4:3 OCA 3.5" IPS 640x480  Battery: 3000 mAh Storage: Dual External microSD Connectivity: W

GKD Mini Plus Reveal Photos

 The GKD Mini Plus has been revealed and it's certainly interesting. I was expecting a short and tall version not a cool Dock with thumb-sticks. It looks like the device runs on a RK3566 SoC which is a lot of power in a tiny device. No word on when international orders will be available but this is certainly a device to keep an eye on. Photos below are from webandme on Discord: 

LG Wing Custom Handheld by Laozhang

 Laozhang who designed the upcoming GKD Mini Plus also designed an amazing custom handheld using an LG Wing phone. I posted about it on Twitter and the post seemed popular enough that I had to make a blog post about it. While you will not be able to get your hands on one,  maybe this modded LG Wing could inspire others to make similar devices!  I recently discovered this incredible handheld on the RGHandhelds Discord, and immediately wanted one. Sadly, only 50 were made and it doesn't sound like more will happen. This device looks perfect for Arcade emulation (SHMUPS especially) and DS.  Video From RGHANDHELDS Discord server:  Photos of the custom LG Wing build by Laozhang: Via 's Discord!