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Sonic Advance Turns 20 in NA (GBA Game History)

Happy 20th To The NA Sonic Advance release!! February despite being the shortest month of the year is full of historically significant video game releases.  Sonic Advance wasn't my favorite Sonic game and it seems like a slap in the face to the 1990s to have Sonic games on Nintendo devices but it is what it is and it was actually a pretty good game. Over the years,  the GBA library which is excellent has become one of top go to platforms for on the go gaming.  Sonic Advance still felt like it was in the general spirit of the original SEGA Genesis games which is one reason why it's still very playable today.  Check out my list of Historical February Game Releases!  (LINK) Sonic Advance - GBA

Kickstarter: Retro Dreamer G4A CM4 by My Retro Game Case LIVE

It looks like the Kickstarter for the Retro Dreamer (GBA Shell Aesthetic with 4 face buttons) handheld is now live and units should ship out by the end of the year. The project quickly reached double the funding goal on the first day and "rewards" slots are quickly filling up. If you want one you'll have to make a decision on this quickly. Pledges range from $2 to just support the project to $200 (which includes 2x DIY kits). A fully assembled ready to play out of the box runs about $167.   I currently have a G32 ESP32 handheld by MRGS that I enjoy playing although the firmware options on that device are a little frustrating but for the price i was definitely satisfied with the buy. I think a big reason to support the Kickstarter project for the G4A CM4 is that Eddie is an active member of the community who always responds to questions and supports the spirit of DIY proj

GB Operator Looks Like an Interesting Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance Cartridge Option

One new product from Epilogue that is on my radar is the GB Operator which is a way to play GB, GBC and GBA cartridges on your computer (Windows/Mac/Linux). If it works well, it could be a great option for backing up saves and playing/storing original carts instead of dealing with ROMs from others on your computer. The primary emulator used is the well-known mGBA.  According to the site, in addition to playing cartridges (through emulation) the device is set up to detect whether cartridges are original or pirated bootleg carts which could be a great tool for collectors for only $49.99. I can't speak to the quality of the device as I haven't got my hands on one yet. Ships in August, 2021... What Others Are Saying:  RetroDodo GB Operator Review

Amazing Game Boy Advance Mod: Wood + Resin = Fire 🀯

I'm a big fan of all the Game Boy Advance mods that have been hitting the scene lately but this one posted by retrocnc on Instagram might be the coolest yet.  There are some pretty cool aluminum cast face buttons and d-pads on his site as well.  I hope the wood + resin shell becomes available for purchase at some point. I like it even more than all the custom aluminum housings we've seen a lot of for GBA.

Game Boy Advance Turned 20 Yesterday

Hard to believe the Game Boy Advance (GBA) was released 20 years ago today in North America by Nintendo.  Of all the portable consoles over the years it definitely had the best overall library of games in my opinion.  With Retro Gaming and retro console modding more popular than ever,  the Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Advance SP are currently in high demand.  The lifespan of the console was 2001-2010 selling over 81.5 million units as part of the 6th generation of consoles which was a long run for a portable system. 

Sonic Advance (GBA) Released 19 Years Ago Today in US

2002 doesn't seem like that long ago but it was 19 years ago! I'm still not very comfortable with the idea of Nintendo having their hands on SEGA games but Sonic Advance for the GameBoy Advance was a pretty fun game.  The ability to select from 4 different characters, addition of new mini games and up to 4-player link made this a memorable addition to the Sonic franchise.  Old IGN Review If you are a retro handheld fanatic like me, this is a great game to revisit as it aged well over the years just like a large % of the GBA library which I feel is still underrated. 

Retroid Pocket 2 Still The Best

To date the Retroid Pocket 2 is still the best sub $100 retro handheld at $80.  I'm still using a wide range of gaming options personally but the RP2 gets used more than anything else.  I'm curious how long it will be before the Retroid Pocket 3 comes out. With how rapid things are developing in this arena it could definitely happen this year. Photo by Me (Samsung Note 10 Plus Camera) 

Super Mini GBA & Game Gear Style Handheld Consoles

Not sure if I'd use a super mini console. My hands are too big for it ever be functional but they certainly are neat. Retro Gamecase has pre-orders up now for a GBA and Game Gear variety of micro emulator consoles small enough to go on a Keychain. Hit the link below if interested. There's options for DIY build kids, already assembled models and even metal models. Worth a look!

GBA Clone: Revo K101+

I find myself with a slight interest in the Revo K101Plus which is super niche being one of the few Gameboy Advance hardware clones out there.  They are currently still on AliExpress  for $76.98 + Shipping. Despite being a hardware clones that can also play ROMs and support cheat codes, I'm just not sure if $70+ is the price point I'd be willing to go. It's still pretty niche though. If I ever find one for around $50  I'm jumping on it though. We are just in an era where there are more options than time. I'm hearing the quality is there with this one though as a slight improvement over the original that came out a few years ago.  One thing can't be denied. The retro style consoles coming out of of China have us loaded with options nowadays. Manufacturer Description:  The Revo K101 Plus is a great new way to play your (GBA) Game Boy Advance games today. Either using the GBA game carts themselves or using ROM files with th

Must Follow Instagram Shop

If you are looking for a pretty solid game console shop to look into, I'd definitely check out  JellyBellyCustoms  on Instagram especially if you are into rebuilt Gameboy Advance (GBA) consoles.  While I haven't ordered anything from them yet I have gotten some inspiration from the photos.