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Kickstarter: Retro Dreamer G4A CM4 by My Retro Game Case LIVE

It looks like the Kickstarter for the Retro Dreamer (GBA Shell Aesthetic with 4 face buttons) handheld is now live and units should ship out by the end of the year. The project quickly reached double the funding goal on the first day and "rewards" slots are quickly filling up. If you want one you'll have to make a decision on this quickly. Pledges range from $2 to just support the project to $200 (which includes 2x DIY kits). A fully assembled ready to play out of the box runs about $167.   I currently have a G32 ESP32 handheld by MRGS that I enjoy playing although the firmware options on that device are a little frustrating but for the price i was definitely satisfied with the buy. I think a big reason to support the Kickstarter project for the G4A CM4 is that Eddie is an active member of the community who always responds to questions and supports the spirit of DIY proj