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Review: Fable 2 (Xbox 360) Played On Xbox Series S

Game: Fable 2 on Xbox Series S Developer: Lionhead Studios Publisher: Microsoft Series: Fable Platform: Xbox Series S (Emulating Xbox 360) Release: 21 October 2008 (NA) Genre(s):ARPG/Adventure Mode(s):Single-Player/ Online Co-Op Rating: M for Mature Most Recent Playthrough: JAN/FEB 2022 (24 hours [single-player] played this playthrough) *Minimal Spoilers Ahead!! This review may contain some mild Spoilers but I try to avoid mentioning anything too specific.... Xbox Series S Enhancements   Running the game on the Xbox Series S includes an FPS Boost that does not do a very good job at all. The game is riddled with frame drops/stutters that also result in serious input lag during heavy battles. There is no upscaling with the graphics like you would get with the Series X. If say the game is playable yet frustrating.  Similar Games Fable Anniversary (Game Nearly Unplayable On Xbox Series S), Fable 3, Kynseed (PC), Kingdoms of Amalur: The Reckoning