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Evercade EXP Interests Me (Winter 2022)

I passed on the original Evercade handheld and wasn't too interested in the Evercade Vs., but the Evercade EXP has certainly made it onto my radar. Priced at $149.99, it's still in the budget realm and will probably be worth the risks. I didn't like it enough to pre-order the limited edition one but it is on my radar of potential buys this winter. The regular edition will be available for pre-order in September. Hopefully we hear a lot more about this device over the next few months... As Mainstream companies continue moving towards digital only games,  devices like the Evercade EXP could play a role (a legally licensed role) in the preservation of Classic video games.  Just based on what we've seen, it's obvious a LOT more attention to detail and quality has gone into the design of the EXP. This handheld was designed with Horizontal Mode & Tate Mode in mind which is really necessary for a full retro experience. Like the original handheld, this one uses cartridg

Evercade VS Limited Founder Edition Pre-Orders Now Open

I wasn't a big fan of the handheld Evercade even though I do really like the basic ideas behind it like collecting perfectly legal and licensed game cartridges.  The UK based Funstock has this premium version of the latest Evercade console (home console) up for pre-order now for $225.88 USD and should release in November. From everything I've seen the console looks to be high quality and will work with cartridges from the original handheld Evercade and can link to it. Complete with a limited Evercade VS Founder Edition console in Black with two Black controllers, this collection will be  limited to only 5000 units  and is available  exclusively on Funstock. With the package, you will receive: Evercade VS  Founder Edition Console (Black) Evercade VS  Founder Edition Controller (2x Black) Evercade VS  Founder Edition Exclusive Packaging Evercade  Handheld Black Link Cable Founder Edition  Certifi

Intellivision Headed to Evercade

It took a while but it looks like an Intellivision collection cartridge is headed to the Evercade system. I’m not the biggest fan of Evercade myself yet but I like the general ideas behind it. If they’d come out with a slightly better (upgraded) handheld I’d be all in. As of now it’s just average to me. 

Top 10 Dollar for Dollar Sub $100 Handheld Game Consoles TODAY

Things change rapidly in the retro handheld console world so this list will only be applicable for a short time. Community support and available modifications to firmwares, software etc also continually change how good or bad certain systems are. I generally go by the import prices not by the reseller prices. Resellers are often just charging to add ROMs which is highly unethical not to mention illegal.  This post is my personal opinion and links do not benefit me.  Retroid Pocket 2 $80  You simply cannot beat the value of the RP2 for $80 as long as you don't mind Android and don't mind having to tinker with the system a lot to get it all set up. This is a system for tech savvy people not beginners to emulation.  Retroid Pocket 2 Review   Anbernic RG351P $95 I'm not a big fan of the screen size with this one but community support has been making this a better option all the time. Great choice for emulation gamers of all levels. No built in WiFi is th