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Great Android Game For Retroid Pocket 2: Wayward Souls

Developed by  RocketCat Games   Android games are hit and miss on the Retroid Pocket 2. Fortunately Wayward Souls plays flawlessly on the RP2 game console and with a relatively small for size for people still using the external SD as external.  Probably one of the biggest disappointments with the RP2 is the tiny stock internal storage especially as an Android device.  The game automatically detects the RP2 controller and you are ready to go without any settings changes needed. I did find that the game is easier using the d-pad. Using the thumbstick you still get semi sloppy control just like with playing touch screen.  For anyone who has not played Wayward Souls before (it came out at 6 years ago), its a visually well designed rogue-like du geom crawler with light RPG elements.  The learning curve is pretty easy but while the game is easy to figure out,  mastering it is very hard. Retro style graphics (which keeps the file small fortunately), great music and add