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Abandonware: Frank Herbert's Dune (Windows 2001) Download Link

Frank Herbert's Dune (Windows) Genre: Single-player 3D Action w/ Puzzle Elements Publisher: Cryo Interactive Entertainment (Defunct) There are quite a few old Dune games circulating around the abandonware realm including a Dune 2 Android port from the early days of Android. While searching for interesting Dune games,  I came across Frank Herbert's Dune, a Windows 2001 game.   *Before downloading or using Abandonware, do your own legal research. Laws are grey area when it comes to this.  The 391MB .Zip file can be downloaded at the link below: The game based on the mini-series was originally released on Windows and the PlayStation 2 in Europe at the end of 2001 and was considered a commercial and critical flop. Shortly afterwards in 2002, Cryo Interactive filed for bankruptcy and no longer exists today. It appears Microids and own the rights to several Cr