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Disgaea 6 (Nintendo Switch) First Day Impressions

My first day of playing Disgaea 6 is in the books and I have a lot of opinions on the game so far... *****Possibly some very light SPOILERS ahead!***** This a very light dive into my early impressions. Deeper dives coming soon!  Nintendo Switch Version  While it plays mostly well the underpowered Switch really struggles with the 3D rendering and its very noticeable. You can choose between 3 graphics settings which helps a little but you'll still notice the Switch struggling slightly even in performance mode. It's not game breaking or anything but is noticeable. The game looks fantastic in 3D at times and other times looks awful. I think they should have stuck with 2D honestly.  Perhaps the upcoming Switch Pro will be able to handle games like this more.  Stats Galore Anyone who is a veteran of the Disgaea franchise understands that stats are everything (lol) and Disgaea takes stats and combos over the top. This time the level cap is 99,999,999 and character stats ca