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Review: Hori Split Pad Pro

Review: Hori Switch Split Pad Pro (Volcanic Red)  SKU:NSW-300U I was a little on the fence paying $49.99 at my local GameStop for the Split Pad Pro from Hori but was not disappointed at all. Originally released in 2020 it has been around a while but can still be found on shelves. Overall Score-  90% A- The Good   💙Wide Ergonomic Grip Makes the Switch Feel Lighter  💙Larger Buttons & Larger Analog Sticks 💙Programmable Back Paddles 💙Accurate & Responsive D-pad The Bad   😢No Rumble  😢Slightly Less Battery Life All in all I was surprised how ergonomic this controller option is. It should be noted that this is a controller for Handheld Mode Only as it has no wireless capabilities.  If that and the lack of Rumble, gyroscopic aiming, motion controls or a NFC reader don't bother you,  this gem from Hori is an excellent option especially for shooters and high action games. This