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MinUI Update For Miyoo Mini

Miyoo Mini: MiniUI-20220603-0 Update The latest MinUI (by Shaun Inman) update went live today. If you are new to the Miyoo Mini, I'd highly recommend starting with MinUI. I'm a big fan of OnionOS as well but MinUI is the easiest option to set up on the device. I plan to check out this update tonight!  Link Below: Notes From The Developer: "Please see the README.txt in the zip file for installation and update instructions.updated hardware render path to greatly improve performance on more demanding cores with non-native scaling (thanks eggs!) updated non-native scaling to even number scale factors when possible for crisper pixels (most noticeable on Super Nintendo) added frame limiting which allows fast forward to go even faster added Reset binding to Emulator controls The rendering improvements are so significant that I'm holding off on switching the Super Nintendo core. The alternate SFC.pak is still includ