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Evercade EXP Interests Me (Winter 2022)

I passed on the original Evercade handheld and wasn't too interested in the Evercade Vs., but the Evercade EXP has certainly made it onto my radar. Priced at $149.99, it's still in the budget realm and will probably be worth the risks. I didn't like it enough to pre-order the limited edition one but it is on my radar of potential buys this winter. The regular edition will be available for pre-order in September. Hopefully we hear a lot more about this device over the next few months... As Mainstream companies continue moving towards digital only games,  devices like the Evercade EXP could play a role (a legally licensed role) in the preservation of Classic video games.  Just based on what we've seen, it's obvious a LOT more attention to detail and quality has gone into the design of the EXP. This handheld was designed with Horizontal Mode & Tate Mode in mind which is really necessary for a full retro experience. Like the original handheld, this one uses cartridg

Review: Fable 2 (Xbox 360) Played On Xbox Series S

Game: Fable 2 on Xbox Series S Developer: Lionhead Studios Publisher: Microsoft Series: Fable Platform: Xbox Series S (Emulating Xbox 360) Release: 21 October 2008 (NA) Genre(s):ARPG/Adventure Mode(s):Single-Player/ Online Co-Op Rating: M for Mature Most Recent Playthrough: JAN/FEB 2022 (24 hours [single-player] played this playthrough) *Minimal Spoilers Ahead!! This review may contain some mild Spoilers but I try to avoid mentioning anything too specific.... Xbox Series S Enhancements   Running the game on the Xbox Series S includes an FPS Boost that does not do a very good job at all. The game is riddled with frame drops/stutters that also result in serious input lag during heavy battles. There is no upscaling with the graphics like you would get with the Series X. If say the game is playable yet frustrating.  Similar Games Fable Anniversary (Game Nearly Unplayable On Xbox Series S), Fable 3, Kynseed (PC), Kingdoms of Amalur: The Reckoning

Sonic Advance Turns 20 in NA (GBA Game History)

Happy 20th To The NA Sonic Advance release!! February despite being the shortest month of the year is full of historically significant video game releases.  Sonic Advance wasn't my favorite Sonic game and it seems like a slap in the face to the 1990s to have Sonic games on Nintendo devices but it is what it is and it was actually a pretty good game. Over the years,  the GBA library which is excellent has become one of top go to platforms for on the go gaming.  Sonic Advance still felt like it was in the general spirit of the original SEGA Genesis games which is one reason why it's still very playable today.  Check out my list of Historical February Game Releases!  (LINK) Sonic Advance - GBA

Upcoming Retro/Classic Game Reviews

One of my goals for 2022 on this blog is to start focusing more on reviews including reviewing classic video games from every generation. It should be a lot of fun to take a hard look at some old games and see if they have aged well or not. I plan to review some more modern games and do find it enjoyable to review anything that has been out a while. When there's no rush to get a review or,  you can often take a harder and more critical look at things.  This is what I have planned so far:  Headset Reviews  ARCTIS 3 Wired Gaming Headset (Soon) (Picked up for $39.99 on Amazon) Upcoming Handheld Device Reviews There really aren't that many "must buy" game devices in my mind (at the moment), but I will very likely be reviewing the Steam Deck, Miyoo P60 and Retroid Pocket 3 at some point this year. When it comes to retro handhelds, the market over the past couple of years has become very saturated. At the moment, those are the only 3 handhelds I'm intendin