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What's the Hold-up With the PowKiddy X18S??

The PowKiddy X18S was originally supposed to be released a while back but was delayed and delayed again due to software issues with the Android build. The original X18 had a lot of problems with the Android build so that made some sense although PowKiddy has never been known to care how well the software side of things is working.... It's starting to sound like the actual problem has more to do with chip shortages. If what's being said on Discord channels is true, they switched to the Unisoc Tiger T610 chip instead of using the T618.  This is still rumor territory of course but it sounds probable. There's no official word from PowKiddy about what's going on.  The X18S still looks like it still  has potential to be an interesting option depending on price and when it finally comes out...