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PowKiddy Q20 Mini Available Now

The PowKiddy Q20 Mini dropped today on the market for $39.99 + Free Shipping on AliExpress. At the size it's in the same range of devices as the V90, TrimUI/A66, etc... Personally I don't see any big need for this device unless you just like the looks. You can still pick up a V90 for less and that's a little handheld I still highly recommend. In this micro sized arena from the specs and what I've seen I'd probably want one of these over a TrimUI/A66 (which has no headphone port) and over a Q90 or PocketGo. All in all this isn't a terrible deal.  With an F1C100S processor it will play up to PS1 games but will be hit or miss depending on the game. If you do want one I'd certainly guarantee flashing custom firmware will be necessary for a decent experience. Some SNES games might struggle a little bit as well.  Specs:  -Allwinner F1C100S  -CPU: ARM926-EJS Single Core 533 M