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RG351V: Added Custom Buttons From SakuraRetroModding w/ Internal Photos

The Anbernic RG351V has quickly become my most used budget dedicated retro handheld. While I definitely like the "Wood Boy" look, it needed a little something extra and SakuraRetroModding doesn't disappoint. I ordered a set of Playstation style face buttons from his Etsy shop and one set of the repositionable stickers. I probably could have got a Playstation themed Bezel sticker but I like keeping the Anbernic logo visible to give credit where credit is due.  It does feel like I get a little better action out of these buttons for some reason than the stock buttons and they also have a textured feel to them so are far less slick feeling than the originals. The stock buttons occasionally felt like they were about to stick but these don't. The face buttons are the same size as 351P/M buttons too.  I used the rubber from a 351P with the new buttons so that may account for some of the better action although I'm not positive since there's no noticeable difference be