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Miyoo Mini Horizontal SPECS [Upcoming Retro Handheld]

Miyoo Mini Horizontal SPECS Known So Far:  It seems like the Miyoo Mini Horizontal is a completely different handheld than the Miyoo Mini V1/V2/V3.  As such,  it will not run the wildly populad MiniUI or OnionOS custom options.  SPECS From Miyoo If the above Specs stand, it will be more powerful than the Miyoo Mini and will include a thumb-stick.  SoC: RK3128 (RGHANDHELDS.COM Estimate) OS: Linux CPU: 1.3 GHz Cortex-A7 (4 Cores, 4 Threads) Architecture: ARM GPU: 500 MHz Mali-400 MP2 D-Pad: Upper Cross Thumb-stick: Single Lower Face Buttons: 4 Shell: Plastic Original Screen Shot Via   Related Posts:

Rumor: PowKiddy A30 Selling For Roughly $45 In China

PowKiddy A30 I've been keeping an eye out for PowKiddy A30 release info and it looks like it's already being sold in China so I suspect we'll see it soon.  It appears to run MinUI (Same as the TrimUI Model S aka PowKiddy A66) as was rumored before. I was not a big fan of the TrimUI but I did bump it up to the 7/10 score range after community developers drastically improved the experience with custom setups. The big problem with the TrimUI in the beginning if I recall right was mainly issues with the screen driver. If the A30 had a screen that works great, this could be a nice handheld if the price stays low. $45 is pretty low. If they keep it under $60 for the West I'll buy one for sure. Photo Leaks from Facebook: 

Retroid Pocket 2 N64 Emulation Profiles

Of all the "budget" sub $100 retro handhelds, I still get the best performance out of the Retroid Pocket 2. Fortunately the Retroid Pocket 2.5 and 3 are coming out later this year which should provide a boost to N64 performance.  'Rickymortal' on Reddit recently went through the trouble of posting a large number of N64 games and the best setting to use: I've checked out a handful of games using his settings and they seem to check out. If you are just getting started in the retro handheld arena, Reddit communities are one of the best places to start when it comes to getting information on retro handhelds.  My favorite communities on Reddit for information include: