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Anbernic RG353V/353VS Pre-Sale Discount To October 6

  The Anbernic RG353V/353VS pre-order sale is still going on until October 6, 2022. The devices are expected to ship out starting mid-October in order of who reserved first to last for each option. Both devices are currently at an $8 discount for pre-orders.   *Update 9/30: It does look like there are some QA issues with early review devices where the screen is obviously misaligned. No clue if this will be an issue with regular orders or not and it doesn't look like every review device has it but it's something to keep an eye on. A misaligned screen would drive me insane. Probably an easy DIY fix though. Reviews are starting to show up on the device and seem mostly positive.  The 353V and 353VS can be ordered from . *Disclosure: This is a referral link where I will benefit from any purchases made. Support is appreciated using this link but not necessary.  Non-referral link where I don't benefit: First reviewer previe

Retroid Pocket 3 (2GB) First Impressions

Retroid Pocket 3 First Impressions: One Week In... Due to the number of people reporting QA Issues (despite seemingly less than the majority), I don't plan to post a full in-depth definitive review of the device anytime soon if at all.  It appears that Taki Udon was correct when predicting known defective units would be sold and shipped out. The device I received was fine but too much of a dice roll right now to fully recommend. We still don't have a full gage of how many people were effected by defective units. At this stage in this messy launch, my opinions are too mixed to have a definitive view of the device.  Below are my early impressions and findings: Notes/Disclosure On The Device I'm Using Model(s) Reveived: RP3 Orange 2GB Official Launch: August 20, 2022 Price Paid: $144.67 (2GB Orange) on Moorechip's AliExpress Store Including Shipping/Taxes. I canceled my early White 3GB order after it didn't ship. The 2GB Orange arrived 12 days after ordering. I have no

Anbernic RG351V: Still Worth Buying?

Anbernic RG351V  I still see a lot of people asking about the RG351V and whether it's still a good buy. The short answer is that it's definitely still a great option! It's still firmly in my top 5 regularly used devices!  My Original 351V Review (March 2021) [LINK] While the 351V is certainly outmatched in power by the upcoming 353V, I think the 351V is still a more ergonomic option and is about the size of an original Game Boy DMG and has an amazing screen that's very sharp with good color saturation. At this point, I'd still recommend the RG351V for PS1 and below level emulation and it's still an "ok" option for Dreamcast and PSP if you are willing to deep dive into settings.  While I'm glad that we've moved past the RK3326 era where there was one handheld after another using the same SoC, the 351V was the best overall buy of all the RK3326 options.  The best place to buy an RG351V if you don't mind a short wait for international shipping

QA Issues With The Retroid Pocket 3?

 At the moment without knowing sales figures and other data,  there's no way to measure what % of Retroid Pocket 3 devices have QA issues, but there certainly seems to be a lot of smoke around the issue. I'm starting to suspect that Taki was right about some of it with his video in ways.   It was the timing of the video that seemed odd combined with Moorechip's response that made a lot of people assume the issues had been handled. It's starting to appear that devices that were part of the bad batches Taki referenced were sold anyway. There will always be some issues with any new device,  so things may still turn out fine with this one.  When it comes to recommending this device to people or not, it does seem like most people are receiving devices that work great but there is a % of risk with this one.  I'd like to see how the next round of manufactured devices go before having a definitive opinion.  Kei's Retro Gaming posted a poll on reddit about this topic and

Still No Retroid Pocket 3: Order Limbo

  Retroid Pocket 3 I was hoping to get up a Retroid Pocket 3 review, but I'm still waiting to receive one.... Over a month after pre-ordering and 3 1/2 weeks after launch,  my White 3GB model still hasn't shipped out. It looks like the White 3GB is the slowest to ship out of all models according to the shipping dashboard on .  I went ahead and also ordered an Orange 2GB model last week on the Official Moorechip store on AliExpress and that's already arrived in the US and started going through customs yesterday. It looks like AliExpress is the only way to get one a little faster. While I think this device will be a good buy,  the launch was certainly messy. The only downside to that order is that it cost more after shipping on Ali than on the GoRetroid site and I don't believe includes any of the pre-order Bonuses.  Going off the reliable information that's out there, it appears to be a flawed yet decent buy. My main concerns about the device are:  QA c

Upcoming Anbernic Mini May Look More Like A Game Boy DMG

 The Anbernic Mini is an upcoming device I'm keeping an eye on. It may have a closed OS (which I'm not fond of) but it does look like a comfortable and larger Miyoo Mini look-alike. Photos below are from khz90 on Discord. 'maxzhou88' is Anbernic's handheld designer. Info that comes from him can be considered fact not rumor.   It looks like the render for the Anbernic Mini may be a little off and the final product may be a lot closer to the nostalgic OG Nintendo Game Boy DMG. 

My Retroid Pocket 3 Finally Shipped Out

 When I pre-ordered the Retroid Pocket 3, I picked the White 3GB model which turned out to be the slowest of all to ship out. That's why I haven't posted my thoughts on the device yet (considering I still don't have one in hand). It looks like it finally shipped out along with an Orange 2GB I ordered much later.  By most accounts, it's looking like this will end up being one of the best devices (for the price) you can buy this year. Depending on how fast shipping goes,  I'm hoping to have a review up in a couple weeks. I don't expect to see much difference between the 2GB and 3GB models, but we'll see what happens.  The Retroid Pocket 3 is still in pre-order status at . 2GB models have been becoming readily available on Moorechip's AliExpress Store as well (at a slightly higher cost)...

Anbernic RG353V Should Be Available This Month

Anbernic RG353V  It looks like the Anbernic RG353V will likely come out this month (September) followed by the RG505 in October and the Anbernic Mini at some unknown point after that.  Anbernic RG505  The 353V appears to be narrower than the RG351V but with two thumb-sticks which seems somewhat off-putting to me. Under the hood,  the 353V should have equivalent performance of the 353P which should be great performance up to DS level and good performance up to PSP. It will also be able to handle some PS2 Emulation.  All in all, it looks like it could be a decent buy for some people. Personally,  I'm passing on this device. Combined with being the 3rd Anbernic device with the same SoC (503,353P,353V) and uncomfortable looking thumb-stick placement, I have no real interest for this one. I would have really liked a RG351V upgrade (Same width device) with just one thumb-stick or two offset sticks. Making the device narrower with added controls seems like a bad decision.  Of the three up

GKD Mini Plus Classic [Known Specs]

  The GKD Mini Plus Classic (not to be confused with the GKD Mini Plus) looks to be a powerful option that competes with the Anbernic RG353V running the same SoC (RK3566). Both devices have the same internal specs. The Mini Plus has an optional Dock that adds thumb-sticks.  The demos have been shown to run a version of JELOS but is not supported by JELOS (yet anyway). IF GKD sends units to community developers, there's a possibility this device could get supported.  A convenient tool to compare devices is the retro handhelds spreadsheet from timeisart:  Handhelds Spread Sheet Link Key Known GKD Mini Plus Classic SPECS  OS/Firmware: Linux (JELOS) on Demo. Reportedly will ship with a different OS.  Emulation Power: Should Handle Up to N64/PSP SoC: RK3566  CPU: Cortex-A55 CPU Cores: 4 CPU Threads: 4 CPU Clock: 1.8 GHz Architecture: ARM  GPU: Mali-G52 2EE GPU Clock: 850 MHz RAM: 1GB Screen: 4:3 OCA 3.5" IPS 640x480  Battery: 3000 mAh Storage: Dual External microSD Connectivity: W

GKD Mini Plus Reveal Photos

 The GKD Mini Plus has been revealed and it's certainly interesting. I was expecting a short and tall version not a cool Dock with thumb-sticks. It looks like the device runs on a RK3566 SoC which is a lot of power in a tiny device. No word on when international orders will be available but this is certainly a device to keep an eye on. Photos below are from webandme on Discord: 

Retroid Pocket 2 Plus New OTA Imminent

Retroid Pocket 2 Plus  It looks like a new update for the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus will be happening in the very near future. It's great to see continued support for this device especially during the RP3 launch. There are plans in place to port Android 11 over to the RP2+ as well.   Update Notes From Moorechip: "@everyone Dear all, the OTA for RP2+ is going to drop soon.  Change logs are listed below: 1. Updated to the newest AetherSX2 and Citra(MMJ); 2. Added NTFS format support for TF card; 3. Added 100% transparent support for the hint of Retroid GameAssistant to make it less distracting when playing mobile/retro games; 4. Fixed bugs when interact with external game pads 5. Change logs for Retroid GameLauncher:     - Added support for Favorite/Last played game list     - Added system support for 3DO/Sega_SG1000/M64Plus FZ pro     - Supported renaming roms     - Added 24h time format support     - Added global option to turn off background picture for al

Anbernic Miyoo Mini Knockoff in Development

 I'm surprised it took this long but someone else has jumped on the Miyoo Mini train... A video short on Instagram from cn_play_ appeared showing a prototype of a mini handheld Anbernic is working on and it looks very similar to the Miyoo Mini. The device appears to be in the development stage and is slightly larger than the Mini. It appears to have a 3.1" screen. The Miyoo Mini's screen is 2.8". Other than looking a lot like the Mini, specifics aren't really known yet... For now,  I'm not too excited about this device considering it will be very hard to beat the MiniUI and OnionOS experience you get with the Mini. I suppose a knockoff was bound to happen sooner or later with Miyoo unable to keep up with demand.  Video Link: Via: RetroDodo

Anbernic RG505 Specs [Assumed]

 Anbernic RG505 Specs Anbernic has teased their next device on YouTube... the Anbernic RG505 (RG-505) and it looks like a classic and recognizable Anbernic aesthetic.  The video shows the device running PS2 level emulation although not optimally. The device looks to be in the development stage, so there's no word yet on the release window.  Some rumors are pointing towards this device having a RK3588   Unisoc T618 SoC with 4GB RAM. Here's what we know or can assume so far:  Form Factor: Horizontol  OS: Android  Architecture: ARM 16:9 4.95" OLED Touchscreen (Same Size as RG-503) 960x544 Resolution (222.91 PPI) D-Pad: Upper Cross Thumb-sticks: Lower with L3/R3 Face Buttons: 4 Shoulders: 4 Horizontol  Shell: Black (Plastic)