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Anbernic RG353V/RG353VS Video [Pre-Order Starts Tomorrow]

 *Update: The RG353VS starts at $89.99 and the RG353V starts at $112.99. The device should start shipping out mid-October. The price on both options I think is great!  The price on these really sets the stage for a great price on the upcoming "Anbernic Mini" too!  It looks the the Anbernic RG353V and RG353VS are set to launch soon. Pre-orders for both models start tomorrow on .  The unusual move by Anbernic to offer a version that does not have dual microSD Slots (no dual boot), half the RAM, and no touch-screen which could be beneficial for some people who don't care about those three features who are looking to save a few dollars... There is a "Buy Now" option on the Anbernic site at the moment but it will not be live until tomorrow. 

Anbernic RG353V Short Gameplay Video

 The Anbernic RG353V should be out pretty soon. Personally, I'm on the fence with this device but still keeping an eye on it. A new short video has been posted by Anbernic showing off the device (YouTube video below). My main concern with the device despite being being a huge fan of vertical devices is how two low thumb-sticks don't look all that comfortable. We'll have to see how things work out. I think I'm a lot more interested in the upcoming Ambernic Mini that looks like a big Miyoo Mini. 

Odroid Is Back With The Odroid Go Ultra

 It looks like a new Odroid device will be launching in October for $111! The Odroid Go Ultra will be the same size as the Odroid Go Super with new internals. The price looks good and it should be a nice update to the OGS. If history repeats, it will also not be long before PowKiddy knocks this device off. 🤮 Key Changes To OGU: "The CPU was changed from RK3326 with 1.3Ghz Quad-core ARM Cortex-A35 to S922X with 2.2Ghz Hexa-core ARM Cortex-A73/53. The DRAM was changed from 1GB DDR3 1536Mbps to 2GB LPDDR4x 3216Mbps. The GPU was changed from Mali G31 2xEE to Mali G52 6xEE. Therefore, the overall actual perceived performance improvement is more than doubled. Note that LPDDR4x memory bandwidth is almost 1.2 times faster than the ODROID-N2+ DDR4 memory bandwidth providing better 2D/3D rendering performance. Thanks to the onboard(soldered) 16GB eMMC storage, the booting time is much faster, and the root file system is more robust t

New Anbernic RG353V Photo Has Surfaced

  A new photo of the Anbernic RG353V has surfaced. I saw this one via .  Via  The 353V will likely be running the same or similar specs as the recently released RG353P. I've been talking about the 353V for a long time and it looks like it finally is happening. This device will probably be able to handle up to PSP well and possibly some PS2... It does appear to be narrower than the RG351V and when you consider an extra thumb-stick was added on, it doesn't look all that comfortable to me but we'll see how things go... Original Renders from October 2021:

Retroid Pocket 3 Testing Videos Have Surfaced [First Videos From Outside The Company]

 Xilos on Discord has been keeping people in the loop with his early Retroid Pocket 3 experiences and now he's posting various tests on YouTube. I highly suggest subscribing to this channel if you are curious about this new retro game handheld (I haven't even received mine yet): These videos are from someone who purchased the Retroid Pocket 3, so they are the first non company (Moorechip) affiliated look at the device!! It's definitely pretty awesome that he's sharing information with everyone and confirming some things about the device.  The Retroid Pocket 3 can be pre-ordered at .