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RG351V Review (With Stock Firmware)

  (RG351V) $108.99 Released 3/8/2021 The RG351V aka "Wood Boy" is Anbernic's latest SBC handheld offering and it's a good one despite being yet another RK3326 chip device... *This post includes some photos I took of the device mixed with stock images Anbernic used for marketing. There are no referral links here and this post is 100% my own personal non influenced opinions.  My Verdict: Guilty of Being a Must Have Handheld  Overall Score 9/10   Making it the best RK3326 device I own and has replaced the Retroid Pocket 2 (Which I rated as an 8.5/10) as my favorite budget handheld.  As it stands, the RP2 is still a better option for N64, Dreamcast and DS emulation but that could change with CFW options.  The Good  Build Quality Amazing 4:3 Display That Looks Great Great Nearly Flawless Emulation Up to PSX Great Vertical Form Factor Comfortable for Big Hands Drastically Better Battery Performance than the 351P The Bad  Few Minor Design Flaws Only O