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My Miyoo Mini V2 Arrived (Blue)

Miyoo Mini V2 FTW w/ Photos  Finally got my hands on the 2nd version of the Miyoo Mini today. Arriving in a Miyoo branded case was a nice touch although I do like to have boxes. Can't do unboxing photos so guess this will be uncasing photos.  Included is the case which is a pretty decent and protective one,  the V2 Miyoo Mini, 32GB microSD card (w/Firmware etc on it), small USB-C cable, manual and a USB card reader. I wouldn't suggest using that card reader unless it's your only option. Same goes for the included card.  I plan to install a fresh MinUI custom Firmware (CFW) on my own card and get started on testing this one out so I can post a review by the weekend. I'll be following the guide from Retro Game Corps like I do with most handhelds.  After that,  I'm just waiting on some face buttons from SakuraRetroModding to give it a more custom look. I purchased

Blue Miyoo Mini Releasing Soon

 It looks like the V2 Miyoo Mini will be coming out in a cool see through blue shell pretty soon!  Miyoo can go ahead and take my money now. Looks great! The Mini was definitely a decent surprise for me and the best purchase I've made in a while when it comes to retro handhelds. Can't wait for the Miyoo P60 to release as well which should be a competitor of the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus. Miyoo Mini (V1) Review: