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Excellent Handheld System Case Option (BangGood)

One of my favorite recent purchases was a few of these waterproof cases with the customizable inserts  from BangGood . I picked up 2 for $8 each but unfortunately they've gone way up in price since.  I have one that I've set up to store 4 SBC handhelds and the other I'm using with my Gameboy Horror (GBC) which comfortably holds the Gameboy Color console, a battery charger,  4 games in their cases, 4 extra AA batteries and a worm light. The case itself is semi cheap plastic but it gets a good airtight seal keeping moisture out.  Hopefully I'll find some deals on similar cases. They are perfect for storage and still small enough to be used for on the go travel as well. 

Android Arcade Pad on BangGood

*Updated (Found What It Is): I have no clue what this device is but it just started popping up on places like BangGood. At the price and the look of it I'm assuming it's complete junk but I'm still curious about this little handheld "tablet"?  Seems to be unbranded which is never a good sign.... [US$56.99]Arcade Pad 168 Games 7 inch 16 bit Handheld Game Console Android Tablet Handheld Retro Game Players Video Mini Games Console Video Games Equipment & Accessories from Consumer Electronics on banggood

My Top Buy of the Week: Switch Style Thumb Grips on BangGood

Thumb grips are often the most overpriced item you will find in game stores like GameStop where they are often $10 and up just for one pair. I rolled the dice on BangGood picking up 4 pairs for a little less than $8 including shipping and want disappointed. Shipping time was the only negative. It took a little over 6 weeks to receive. The large grip is a bit overkill visually but I actually like it for arcade games.  I'm currently using them on my Nintendo Switch, Anbernic RG351P and two sets on my pair of Retroid Pocket 2 consoles. The big grips reduce the portability a little bit bit still fit inside the cases just fine.  [US$4.59 33% OFF]DATA FROG 8 PCS Silicone Analog Extender Thumb Stick Grips Cover for Nintendo Switch Joy Con Switch Lite Console Joystick Cap Accessories Video Games Equipment & Accessories from Consumer Electronics on banggood *This post is my opinion and does

Deals: RG280V on BangGood

Prices on the Abernic RG280V seem to be creeping downward a bit over the past week. Currently you can pick one up for $59.09 + $3.40 shipping from China (CN) on BangGood. Not that it's a bad system (it is a high quality build) but the specs were not really a jump forward. I think anywhere between $50-$60 it is a great buy.  [US$69.99]ANBERNIC RG280V 16GB 7000 Games Retro Game Console with 16GB TF Card PS1 CPS1 GBA MD Mini Handheld Game Player 2.8 inch IPS HD Screen Video Games Equipment & Accessories from Consumer Electronics on banggood *I have no affiliation with BangGood or Abernic and do not profit from this post. Just passing on the info.