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BTS Song 'Butter' Inspired by NES Game From 1992?

BTS's Butter Inspired by NES Game?  Pretty interesting find from BTS fans. The track 'Monster Rap' (Link Below) sounds an awful lot like the hit song Butter and the leader of BTS's name is Rap Monster. I'm sure BTS Army members know more about this this than I do. The one thing I do know is their songs are always deep with references and meaning.  Pretty interesting that they may may gotten some musical inspiration from the 1992 NES game Monster in my Pocket.  Also in the song 'Joke' there's a line where he says "In my Pocket, there's full of monsters".  Starting to sound like there's more than a few retro gaming references and inspirations in their songs.  06:14 in the video. Check it out. The similarity is striking. Feel free to comment below!  Relative Links: