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Atari XP Cartridges Are Interesting (Classic Gaming)

For the most part my excitement about the Atari VCS dipped down to literally Zero but I find the Atari XP cartridges coming out to be a really cool idea by the company.  Atari XP is publishing unreleased and rare Atari 2600 cartridges in limited runs which make them collectible and also extend the value of having an original Atari 2600 especially if you can't find certain cartridges or are interested in one that was never released.  It's definitely nice to see something like this happen from a collector's perspective although it's pretty expensive at the same time. They plan to make a max of 1500 standard edition ($49.99) copies per game and 1,983 collector's edition ($149.99) copies of each have. The price is definitely a little high but the idea is awesome.  Check the links below for info:

Atari Humble Bundle Still Avaiable at $9.99

Not particularly a great deal but the Atari bundle is still up on Humble Bundle for $9.99. 80 games for $9.99 isn't bad but odds are most heavy gamers already have all of these. Regardless I'm a big fan of Humble Bundle over the years and they are are a big reason I have a huge collection of Steam games most of which I'll probably never play but it's for charity. Lol.

Plex Arcade Subscription For The Retro Craze

I don't personally see any use for the new Plex Arcade subscription but it is pretty cool to see the retro gaming craze boom. It will certainly expose more people to the classics. More and more game subscription services (for retro and modern gaming) will certainly take a big toll on brick and mortar companies like GameStop who I suspect will not even exist in a few years.  Interesting read at the link below.

The Atari VCS Delay Didn't Make Game News Waves The Atari VCS delay likely caused by Covid-19 issues still seems like a bad sign when the delay didn't make waves in the news. Here we are in December and there's not much talk about it. You can pre-order the "All In" console for $399.99 at retailers like GameStop for a March, 2021 release.  I've been watching this project for a long time. The fact that it can dual boot into Windows or Linux makes it potentially an awesome system for retro gaming,  I have to wonder how well this console will do. The PS4 and new Xbox are immensely popular. $400 for the Atari might be a tough sell on an unknown. The launch library for the VCS is pretty weak too.  I guess we will just have to see how it goes. Sadly most of these crowdfunded projects ultimately don't do well.  The console potential looks interesting  so I'm still keeping an eye on it.  https://a