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ArkOS Support For RK3326 Devices Winding Down

  Good Find by RGC on Twitter! It looks like the developer for ArkOS believes he has squeezed all he can out of RK3326 retro handheld devices, so support will start winding down.  There's definitely no shortage of RK3326 devices (Anbernic RG351V being my favorite) and despite a market oversaturated with this SoC, we haven't seen the end of them. PowKiddy is releasing the RGB10S in April and I'm sure we'll see even more after that.  ArkOS and 351ELEC definitely made all the RK3326 devices better and the community developers are responsible for that.  I think RK3326 devices are still a good buy for PS1 and below emulation, but recent handhelds like the RP2+ can handle N64 and beyond emulation much better. For now,  it seems like the best $ for $ emulation options for N64 and up will be Android devices. I'm not the biggest fan of Android but it is what it is....

The End of ArkOS on the RG351P/RG351M Has Arrived

It has been a pretty interesting ride with ArkOS lately. Last month we were under the impression that ArkOS would not be supporting the RG351V but that has all been reversed and ArkOS is supporting the system now.  I do have to say I'm very thankful for the hard work put into ArkOS as the stock firmware on these type of systems are almost always limited in capabilities and performance. As far as firmware options go on the 351P/M, at this point I'd say ArkOS slowly became my favorite option over time. The final version has been released for the 351P/M and that will be the end of updates. I haven't put in a ton of time with this final release yet (Only a few hours) so I don't have a definitive opinion formed on it yet but it's looking good.    If you need help installing the final update, check out the excellent guide from Retro Game Corps at the YouTube link below:  https://you

ArkOS Will No Longer Support Anbernic RG351 Devices (UPDATE: ArkOS Developer Retracted Original Plan & Decided to Support It)

***UPDATE April 28***: ArkOS Supported Again Sad news but ArkOS will no longer be supporting Anbernic's 351 devices (351P/351M/351V).  This could be a big blow to Anbernic and the newly released RG351V leaving the firmware options between the stock firmware, one ArkOS release, 351ELEC, Batocera or TheRA. As things stand at the moment I feel like the custom firmware Retro Arcade is the most promising for the 351V. It is nice that ArkOS will go ahead and still release one firmware for the 351V though.  My personal opinion is that ArkOS is the top firmware option for the 351P/M as it is significantly better (while still flawed) with DS, PSP Dreamcast and N64 emulation than the other options.  Official Statement   Please be aware that by the end of this month, I will no longer be further developing or providing updates to ArkOS for the 351