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AYN Odin Appears To Be The Real Deal

Reviews and impressions of the AYN Odin are coming in and seems to be near universally positive. There's no indication of when Odin and Odin Lite handhelds will be available for non early adopters but I'd assume by summertime. The Odin with verified performance does make for an interesting Steam Deck alternative if you were thinking about a Steam Deck for retro gaming more than modern PC gaming. We'll have to see how the rollout with the Odin Lite goes but I'm definitely impressed with what I'm seeing out there so far.  I didn't pre- order one myself but there's a good chance I might jump on board this summer after we see what the Retroid Pocket 3 is all about. Right now,  I feel like I just have too many Android devices... Trusted Review Source:  Great in-depth review of the AYN Odin by RGC!! Indiegogo Page:

KT-R1 Is Now The KT-R1C

KT-R1 Render From 2020 It does look like the KT-R1 is still coming out but as the KT-R1C. The SD845 Version has officially been scrapped and replaced with the KT-R1C (Possibly 2 versions), one of which will sell for approximately $141 and release in March (tentatively)... Rumors have the new version running T610/T618 with two screen options (one the same screen as the Anbernic RG552) according to Lei on the RGHANDHELDS.COM Discord chat. If this price range sticks,  this could end up being much better than the Anbernic RG552 and still run up to GameCube.  I'm planning to keep a close eye on developments over the next couple months with this handheld. We've been talking about it since 2020, so hopefully it's successful.  Specs posted by Vaidotas on RGHANDHELDS.COM  Discord