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LG Wing Custom Handheld by Laozhang

 Laozhang who designed the upcoming GKD Mini Plus also designed an amazing custom handheld using an LG Wing phone. I posted about it on Twitter and the post seemed popular enough that I had to make a blog post about it. While you will not be able to get your hands on one,  maybe this modded LG Wing could inspire others to make similar devices!  I recently discovered this incredible handheld on the RGHandhelds Discord, and immediately wanted one. Sadly, only 50 were made and it doesn't sound like more will happen. This device looks perfect for Arcade emulation (SHMUPS especially) and DS.  Video From RGHANDHELDS Discord server:  Photos of the custom LG Wing build by Laozhang: Via 's Discord! 

Puzzle Quest 3 Impressions (Android)

$$$$$ I was a big fan of previous Puzzle Quest games. The original game pretty much kicked off the "match 3" craze.  While Puzzle Quest 3 is still in Early Access mode, I just don't think this game will be something I stick with. There's really not much to say about it other than it seems pretty disappointing.  The Good : Improved visuals but that's about it.  The Bad :  There's a timer after first match to keep making matches makes things easy.  Enemies just attack randomly without matching eliminating a lot of strategy.  Appears to be a F2P cash bait game where money not skill will determine how good you are. Post battle chests require keys to open which will be problematic unless you purchase the expensive VIP subscription.  In essence the game feels like a very generic match 3 game designed for cash bait pay to win style gaming. Very unfortunate given how great the previous games were.  Unless some drastic changes occur with the official releas

8 Great Android Games For The Retroid Pocket 2

There are some Android games that are an excellent match for the RP2. Sace being an issue on most people's RP2 setups I'm sticking with mostly sub 100MB games. *Note: To avoid running hot, turn Wi-Fi Off for some Android games. Text in some games is wonky in areas but the games are still playable. Perhaps upgrading to Android 8 will help one the problems with that are ironed out.  STARDEW VALLEY There are very few people who haven't heard about Stardew Valley. It's a knockoff of Harvest Moon but perhaps better than HM. The game works flawlessly with the Retroid Pocket 2 and autodetects the control setup from the start.  Doom & Destiny Doom & Destiny is a satirical RPG but pretty fun and a decent experience. There's a couple events where text is an issue on the RP2 but nothing game breaking. The game uses a classic JRPG battle system with standard turn based elements but also "hate" mixed in which causes the enemies more rage based on th