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RetroPixel Pocket SPECS (Upcoming Game Boy/Android Retro Handheld)

Retro Pixel Pocket SPECS As Of July, 2022.  The upcoming Retro Pixel Pocket definitely has my interest. Even the prototype looks great. Right now. RGHANDHELDS.COM has exclusive access to the prototype and it looks like a great vertical handheld perfect for Game Boy, Game Boy Color and hopefully Pico-8. There has been reported success running up to some Dreamcast so far. This may be the "Miyoo Medium" we've been wanting!  Photo From RGHANDHELDS Discord (Prototype Model)   Retro Pixel Pocket Known Specs (From RGHANDHELDS Discord) Retropixel Pocket   3 inch 720x720 Laminated IPS LCD Allwinner A64 (sun50iw1) SoC features a Quad-Core Cortex-A53 ARM CPU, and a Mali400 MP2 GP 3000 mAh 3.7V Lithium Battery  1 Gbit LPDDR3 8 Gbit  EMMC  Supports micro sd card 2W High resolution speaker Supports Wi-Fi Size Comparisons From Jutleys  Next To A Miyoo Mini  Next To a Nintendo Game Boy Color