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Retroid Pocket 3 (2GB) First Impressions

Retroid Pocket 3 First Impressions: One Week In... Due to the number of people reporting QA Issues (despite seemingly less than the majority), I don't plan to post a full in-depth definitive review of the device anytime soon if at all.  It appears that Taki Udon was correct when predicting known defective units would be sold and shipped out. The device I received was fine but too much of a dice roll right now to fully recommend. We still don't have a full gage of how many people were effected by defective units. At this stage in this messy launch, my opinions are too mixed to have a definitive view of the device.  Below are my early impressions and findings: Notes/Disclosure On The Device I'm Using Model(s) Reveived: RP3 Orange 2GB Official Launch: August 20, 2022 Price Paid: $144.67 (2GB Orange) on Moorechip's AliExpress Store Including Shipping/Taxes. I canceled my early White 3GB order after it didn't ship. The 2GB Orange arrived 12 days after ordering. I have no

QA Issues With The Retroid Pocket 3?

 At the moment without knowing sales figures and other data,  there's no way to measure what % of Retroid Pocket 3 devices have QA issues, but there certainly seems to be a lot of smoke around the issue. I'm starting to suspect that Taki was right about some of it with his video in ways.   It was the timing of the video that seemed odd combined with Moorechip's response that made a lot of people assume the issues had been handled. It's starting to appear that devices that were part of the bad batches Taki referenced were sold anyway. There will always be some issues with any new device,  so things may still turn out fine with this one.  When it comes to recommending this device to people or not, it does seem like most people are receiving devices that work great but there is a % of risk with this one.  I'd like to see how the next round of manufactured devices go before having a definitive opinion.  Kei's Retro Gaming posted a poll on reddit about this topic and

Retroid Pocket 3 Testing Videos Have Surfaced [First Videos From Outside The Company]

 Xilos on Discord has been keeping people in the loop with his early Retroid Pocket 3 experiences and now he's posting various tests on YouTube. I highly suggest subscribing to this channel if you are curious about this new retro game handheld (I haven't even received mine yet): These videos are from someone who purchased the Retroid Pocket 3, so they are the first non company (Moorechip) affiliated look at the device!! It's definitely pretty awesome that he's sharing information with everyone and confirming some things about the device.  The Retroid Pocket 3 can be pre-ordered at .