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Anbernic RG99: Should You Buy It?

The Anbernic RG99 (RG-99) has been popping up in a lot of sales notices lately especially on AliExpress mostly between $28.56 and $34.99 which is definitely less than it was going for in 2020.  Should you buy it? The firm answer is NO. It's ok but it's simply not even worth $30 at this point. Better to save your money and pick up an RG300 around $50. They both look very similar but under the hood, the RG99 is very much obsolete.  It performs somewhere on the level of retro handhelds that were dropping 8-9+ years ago. The chip in it according to Obscure Handhelds is 16 years old. It also doesn't have a built in secondary SD. It looks like the 99's chip runs at 360MHz vs the 600MHz you'd get with the 300. I'm not really sure how low I'd go on a 99. If it was $20 I might consider it. Hopefully no one gets confused and picks up an RG99 thinking it's the same as the RG300.  It