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Anbernic RG351V: Still Worth Buying?

Anbernic RG351V  I still see a lot of people asking about the RG351V and whether it's still a good buy. The short answer is that it's definitely still a great option! It's still firmly in my top 5 regularly used devices!  My Original 351V Review (March 2021) [LINK] While the 351V is certainly outmatched in power by the upcoming 353V, I think the 351V is still a more ergonomic option and is about the size of an original Game Boy DMG and has an amazing screen that's very sharp with good color saturation. At this point, I'd still recommend the RG351V for PS1 and below level emulation and it's still an "ok" option for Dreamcast and PSP if you are willing to deep dive into settings.  While I'm glad that we've moved past the RK3326 era where there was one handheld after another using the same SoC, the 351V was the best overall buy of all the RK3326 options.  The best place to buy an RG351V if you don't mind a short wait for international shipping

New Anbernic RG353V Photo Has Surfaced

  A new photo of the Anbernic RG353V has surfaced. I saw this one via .  Via  The 353V will likely be running the same or similar specs as the recently released RG353P. I've been talking about the 353V for a long time and it looks like it finally is happening. This device will probably be able to handle up to PSP well and possibly some PS2... It does appear to be narrower than the RG351V and when you consider an extra thumb-stick was added on, it doesn't look all that comfortable to me but we'll see how things go... Original Renders from October 2021:

We Need More Vertical Retro Game Handhelds

Great vertical handhelds are definitely a rare thing these days but I think the demand certainly exists for more of them especially with the retro game handheld community members that lean more towards classic gaming than modern. A lot of handhelds coming out are starting to be geared more towards current gen gaming. Moontorc recently posted a mockup of a Miyoo "Midi" on Reddit at the halfway size (with a 3.5" screen) between my two favorite vertical handhelds (Miyoo Mini & Anbernic RG-351V).  If Miyoo were to make something like this and keep the price around $100 or so, I'd buy a few of them on the spot! If nothing else, it shows how awesome the Miyoo Mini design is with very little space around the screen!

Retro Games I'm Playing This Week

The nice thing about retro gaming is that there's always something to play... This week I plan to spread my time across a few handhelds and hopefully complete a few games.  Nintendo Switch   The Nintendo Switch is far from my favorite system but I've been playing a lot on it lately. I'm about halfway through Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne HD Remaster so might as well finish it up this week. I picked up the regular digital version last week on sale. The last time I played through the game was roughly 16 years ago on the PS2. The game has aged pretty well for sure and is still a must play for any old school turn-based JRPG fan. I'll likely post a review of the HD Remaster soon.  Anbernic RG351V   I tend to play a lot of Game Boy Advance titles on Anbernic handhelds and am currently punching away at The Legend of Zelda: The Minnish Cap . This is also my second playthrough of the game. Of all the Zelda games over the years,  this one is firmly in

Review: GameForce RK3326 Handheld (CHI)

Overall Score - 8.3/10 There's a lot to like about the GameForce and some things to not like but the high res 4:3 screen on a horizontal RK3326 device with awesome ergonomics make this one a great 4:3 option just slightly behind the 351V overall .  GameForce Gaming Handheld CPU: ROCK-CHIP RK3326 Quad-core Cortex-A35 up to 1.5Ghz GPU: Mali-G31MP2 Memory: 1GB DDR3L Screen: 3.45 inches TFT IPS screen, non OCA Resolution 640X480, Response time 10-15ms, Viewing angle 85 degree Charge and Data port: USB-Type C Charging voltage: 5V. 2A Battery: 3000 mAh Memory Card support: TF card, up to 512GB WiFi: WiFi Built-in, 2.4Ghz band Backlights: 7 Colors LEDs Dual Speakers Dual Joysticks (ALPS, same as PS VITA) Dual Vibration Motors System: EmuELEC and RetroArch (Officially supported by EmuELEC with a 4.1 build specific to the GameForce) Scores are always fairly arbitrary when going from reviewer to reviewer and subjective. I often debate whether to even use them but 8.3/10 is my est

SEGA Back Stickers For the RG351V Available Now on Etsy

Looks like SakuraRetroModding has added repositionable SEGA themed stickers to the RG351V modding lineup The 351V is my favorite of all the RK3326 handhelds and is pretty easy to take apart. I've made a couple orders from the SRM Etsy page and have been 100% satisfied each time.  Check out the store at the link below:

RG351V: TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine Settings (Stock Firmware)

Other 351V System Settings: SEGA CD This post is intended for newcomers to the world of retro handhelds. While not a very popular system in North America, the TurboGrafx-16 has a really fun library of games worth checking out for anyone who hasn't played on it.  I've experimented with the settings for TG16/PCE games on the 351V and these are the optimal settings. (Stock Firmware) MAIN MENU>GAME SETTINGS>PER SYSTEM ADVANCED CONFIGURATION>NEC PC ENGINE Emulator: Libetro/Mednafen Supergrafx * Game Ratio: 4/3 Bezel: No  Enable Max Performance: Yes Smooth Games: On  Rewind: Off (personal pref) Auto Save/Load: Off (personal p) Shader: RPI/2XScaleHQ.GLSLP* Integer Scale: On  Latency Reduction: Auto  *Note: Mednafen Supergrafx performs noticeably better than Mednafen PCE Fast with most games on this device.  The 2X Scale looks nice and crisp as well but it should be noted that with this sharp screen it looks great without a shader too. 3X and 4X Scale s

Retro Arena on the RG351V Coming Along

It looks like the custom firmware Retro Arena is coming along nicely for the RG351V and will be much needed.  The stock firmware was my biggest complaint with the system as it's slapped together and not very optimized.  Check out the YouTube video link below from Tech Toy Tinker who among others has been putting in a lot of work on this new device.

PowKiddy RGB20 vs Anbernic RG351V Size Comparison

The RG351V is certainly a beast. I remember when people said the RGB20 was big (lol).  The RG351V obviously knocks the RGB20 out of the water in every measurable category other than perhaps looks. Aesthetics-wise the RGB20 is more eye catching. It's a true shame the build quality was not very good.  One thing I do like about the RGB20 that I wish Anbernic had done was the offset thumb-stick. There's really no competition between these two but I thought I'd post a size comparison shot.  Despite being a low quality build and other issues I actually plan to still use the RGB20 a bit. 

RG-351V Emulation Performance Notes (Stock Firmware)

*Note: this post is from my initial impressions not definitive analysis* I have put the RG-351V from Anbernic through a gauntlet of emulation testing and can say I'm very pleased with this system even using the stock setup. This will only get better from here as custom firmware options increase... These are my semi-arbitrary 0-10 scale opinions of emulation performance with notes below the lists:  Scores Based on Experience with stock firmware and available settings tweaks with that.   Game Boy 10/10 Game Boy Color 10/10 Game Boy Advance 9/10* Virtual Boy 7/10 Game & Watch 9/10 Nintendo DS - 5/10* NES - 10/10 Famicon Disk System 10/10 SNES - 10/10 N64 - 6/10* (Nintendo DS performance isn't too bad honestly but the ugly slapped togetter version of DraStic ruins the experience. N64 Emulation is very hit or miss. If I was in it just for single screen DS emulation or 64 in this price range the Retroid Pocket 2 is still the budget answer for those)... (Despite not be

RG351V $95.99 on BangGood

Not sure how legit the listing is on BangGood . Is hard to verify who is selling the item on BG sometimes but the RG351V is now as low as $95.99 + 4.09 shipping. That puts it about $9 cheaper than directly from Anbernic. Might be worth looking into considering they do have decent customer service. 

Another Positive RG351V Review Retro Dodo posted their review of the 351V today and it's mostly positive as expected. Click the above link for their review on YouTube.  I disagree with their stance that the console doesn't look that great from the front but do agree that the reset and power buttons look way too small.  My unit is still in shipping limbo and has been for 8 days now so I have no idea when I'll actually get my hands on it... I noticed they've been showing up on places like BangGood the last few days for as low as $97.99. Not sure if those prices can be trusted being that the 351V just came out this week at $108.99. 

Another Look at the RG351V

Update 3/16 (Following YouTube links shows off quite a bit of RG351V gameplay testing): Videos should start rolling in over the next few weeks on the RG351V. It looks like mine shipped out this morning so hopefully I'll get it soon.  While the RK3326 is getting a bit played out,  the exciting news is that we finally get one with a proper 4:3 screen.  For the record, I ordered the wood aesthetic version just because it's so strange.

Anbernic RG351V Delayed...

The countdown for the Anbernic RG351V was taken down a little while ago with less than 3 hours to go so it looks like perhaps it will not be available at the advertised time.  According to the talk on Discord there will be a "minor delay" due to the extended lunar new year holiday in China. Doesn't sound like there's any major problem but for now,  it's definitely not going up for sale according to the time that was previously on their site. It looks like all 351V materials were removed from the page for now too.  Not the greatest PR move to run a countdown ticker to launch just to delist it. SMH!  

Anbernic Sets RG351V Base Price at $108.99

In addition to the countdown ticker, Anbernic has set the base price for the RG351V at $108.99. The price isn't too bad and lands within the range of what was expected. The countdown indicates it will be available for order on Monday.  While not a big hardware upgrade by any means, the 351V brings back a proper 4:3 screen (the same screen from the 350M), dual micro SD slots and a vertical form factor making is far more suited for retro gaming than the 351P/M was. 

Anbernic RG351V Screen Looks Great

The Anbernic RG351V will be available within a couple weeks along with the GameForce RK3326 which are probably the two handhelds I am most interested in getting my hands on at the moment. There will be 3 colors available but I think I'm going for the wood grain aesthetic myself just because that's not usual. Screenshot from @ DIYGameModz on Twitter