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Anbernic RG300x Goes On Sale in 8 hours?

It looks like the Anbernic RG300X will become available on the store in about hours...  For me the price drops interest a bit. I can't justify spending near $90 on this when you can get a 350/350P for less now. It looks like a GB Micro but is a lot bigger than one and about as powerful as the 350 but less functional although the screen on the 300X is nice.  For this one I'm staying on the sidelines. Can't justify around $90 but I plan to keep an eye on it. It will probably a pretty good system...  I used a "?" because they did a countdown with the RG351V and then delayed it a couple days when it hit 0 so we'll see what happens...  Thursday around 6am EST for people in the US.