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Anbernic RG300X: Specs, Price & Info

Anbernic RG300X When it comes to cheap sub $100 budget retro emulation handhelds, Anbernic is well known for quality options.  Initial Hands Off Impression   The Good -It looks great -Pocketable -Excellent Screen -Looks well-built  The Bad -A little overpriced -Not much of an upgrade over cheaper options  I'll likely sit this handheld out myself but it's still a potential option for collectors and anyone who just really likes the look. I think it will be a good handheld although a little overpriced at the moment. I'd drop $70 or less on it no questions myself.  The RG300X dropped today at the price of $87.99-$95.99 depending on the size of included MicroSD card. It's generally best to use your own card with a fresh firmware install with these devices so I'd advice against spending $95.99. Personally I think the price should have been around $60-$70... Emulation-wise it

Anbernic RG300X Will Not Be Vertical

*Updated (7/12/21) Anbernic RG300X Debut Video: One would assume the Anbernic RG300X would be an updated version of the RG300 but apparently that's not the case.  It looks like it will be a plastic/metal landscape handheld with a form factor similar to a Game Boy Micro (GBM) with a JZ4770 processor, and a 3 inch 640x480 screen. The processor is the same one used in the RG350 so the 300X will be able to handle most systems up to PS1 excluding N64 etc.  The main benefit of this OpenDingux option is that it will be more pocketable than the 350 line. Price will be everything with this one. It's not introducing anything new and will need to be cheaper than the 350/350P/350M to become an interesting option. There's no estimated release date yet but I expect to see this drop by Fall. I'd have no problem dropping $70 on this but it wouldn't surprise me if Anbernic tries to juice more $ out of it and prices it closer to $80/$90. Much

Anbernic RG300X Coming Soon

*Update: The original Anbernic RG300 has seen one upgrade (upgrade to an IPS screen) and multiple shells. It looks like Anbernic is working on a new version called the RG300X but no one really knows the specs yet.  My best guess is that the 300X will become a more pocketable and cheaper device for people on the fence with the RG351V. Its pretty unlikely that they'll fit an RK3326 board into the 300 so I'm not sure what processor we will be looking at. It's an unusual move in ways because the 280V is already a decent pocketable vertical option but we'll have to see.  The RG300 (IPS) version sells for around $50 nowadays and is am excellent buy for the price. I imagine an upgraded version will likely start out at $80. Some people are guessing they might be using a JZ4770 processor but there's really no way to know at this point.  In addition to whatever the RG300X is, Anbernic is a