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Upcoming Anbernic Mini May Look More Like A Game Boy DMG

 The Anbernic Mini is an upcoming device I'm keeping an eye on. It may have a closed OS (which I'm not fond of) but it does look like a comfortable and larger Miyoo Mini look-alike. Photos below are from khz90 on Discord. 'maxzhou88' is Anbernic's handheld designer. Info that comes from him can be considered fact not rumor.   It looks like the render for the Anbernic Mini may be a little off and the final product may be a lot closer to the nostalgic OG Nintendo Game Boy DMG. 

Anbernic RG353V Should Be Available This Month

Anbernic RG353V  It looks like the Anbernic RG353V will likely come out this month (September) followed by the RG505 in October and the Anbernic Mini at some unknown point after that.  Anbernic RG505  The 353V appears to be narrower than the RG351V but with two thumb-sticks which seems somewhat off-putting to me. Under the hood,  the 353V should have equivalent performance of the 353P which should be great performance up to DS level and good performance up to PSP. It will also be able to handle some PS2 Emulation.  All in all, it looks like it could be a decent buy for some people. Personally,  I'm passing on this device. Combined with being the 3rd Anbernic device with the same SoC (503,353P,353V) and uncomfortable looking thumb-stick placement, I have no real interest for this one. I would have really liked a RG351V upgrade (Same width device) with just one thumb-stick or two offset sticks. Making the device narrower with added controls seems like a bad decision.  Of the three up

Anbernic Miyoo Mini Knockoff in Development

 I'm surprised it took this long but someone else has jumped on the Miyoo Mini train... A video short on Instagram from cn_play_ appeared showing a prototype of a mini handheld Anbernic is working on and it looks very similar to the Miyoo Mini. The device appears to be in the development stage and is slightly larger than the Mini. It appears to have a 3.1" screen. The Miyoo Mini's screen is 2.8". Other than looking a lot like the Mini, specifics aren't really known yet... For now,  I'm not too excited about this device considering it will be very hard to beat the MiniUI and OnionOS experience you get with the Mini. I suppose a knockoff was bound to happen sooner or later with Miyoo unable to keep up with demand.  Video Link: Via: RetroDodo