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Analogue Pocket Pre-Orders Will Be Open Again

After multiple delays,  it has been a long time since it has been possible to order an Analogue Pocket, but it looks like a new round of pre-orders will open up on December 14. The main catch is that the price has gone up to $219 (which was expected), and depending on where you are in line,  you might not get it until 2023.  The original pre-orders are finally being fulfilled this month, and it does look like the project is at least back on track and making progress.

Analogue Pocket: Finally Shipping December 13

People have been talking about the Analogue Pocket for a long time now. The retro inspired (Nintendo Game Boy Aesthetic) handheld had previously missed promised shipping dates but things appear to be on track now and they are set to start shipping on December 13. Out of the box, it will play original Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance cartridges. Adapters will be available for SEGA Game Gear ($29.99), Neo Geo Pocket ($29.99), TurboGrafx-16 ($29.99), and Atari Lynx ($29.99) as well. The adapters are listed as "Coming Soon"... At the moment only early adopters will be able to get their hands on one. The current price for the handheld is $199.99 which I suspect may increase after the pre-orders are taken care of. At the moment it is not possible to pre- order one. It's a pretty exciting project and hopefully it works out after all the delays. The ability to play old cartridges with a well built handheld reall