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RG350 Loose Buttons

The original RG350 has one major flaw and that's the fact that the bottom buttons (Power, Volume Up/Down and Reset) have no supports at all.  Mine started eventually feeling funny and like they might be getting loose.  A little soldering might have been the best option but I was in a hurry and just went with some glue. So far the console feels like brand new again. I did go a little overboard with the glue (lol) but it works. I have yet to crack open my RG350P or RG350M so I'm not sure how well built it is on the inside.  Fortunately taking apart the RG350 is extremely even for a novice.  One upgrade they did make from the 350 was with the Micro SD (TF) card where the internal is now electable. I'm tempted to upgrade the card insude the 350 at some point just as a project. I don't really need this model anymore but I like keeping it around.