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RG351M Price: $145? (Anbernic)

 Looking like the RG351M will be shipping out mid January. The price appearing in the Japanese market appears to be the equivalent of $145.

RG351M First Photos

Leaked by Taki on Reddit  Can’t wait to see how well sales do with the RG351M.  Abernic has really been putting out good stuff lately.  

Video of the RG351M? Maybe

 We know it’s coming out soon and perhaps within weeks. My biggest curiosity with the RG351M from Abernic is if there will be some improvements and upgrades other than just the housing

Upcoming Handheld Game Consoles (December 2020/ January 2021)

2020 has been an exciting time for emulation systems and it looks like we'll be headed into 2021 with some momentum to with a few systems still yet to be out before the end of the year. Here's what's likely available soon:  Digidock 2 Gameforce RK3326 DragonBox Pyra GKD Mini FunKey S ESP32 Mini Game Box RG351M (Rumored Dec/January) GPD Win 3 (Pre-Orders start in January).   I'd love to test them all but if I was choosing interest just for myself personally I'm keeping an eye on the Digidock 2 mainly for the DIY factor where you can set it up with your choice of hardware and software. Is it worth the cost? I don't have the answer for that yet.  The Gameforce RK3326 interests me mainly on aesthetics at this point.  The RG351M will be a day 1 purchase for me as soon as Abernic makes it available.