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AYN "Loki" To Be Cheapest Windows Handheld

 Update: It looks like AYN plans to compete with the Steam Deck and AYANEO Air with their own Windows handheld and plan to price it below the competition.  They've had issues meeting demand with the 3 different models of the Odin so I'm not sure if we should expect this to be readily available but we'll have to see.  Via:

AYN Odin Appears To Be The Real Deal

Reviews and impressions of the AYN Odin are coming in and seems to be near universally positive. There's no indication of when Odin and Odin Lite handhelds will be available for non early adopters but I'd assume by summertime. The Odin with verified performance does make for an interesting Steam Deck alternative if you were thinking about a Steam Deck for retro gaming more than modern PC gaming. We'll have to see how the rollout with the Odin Lite goes but I'm definitely impressed with what I'm seeing out there so far.  I didn't pre- order one myself but there's a good chance I might jump on board this summer after we see what the Retroid Pocket 3 is all about. Right now,  I feel like I just have too many Android devices... Trusted Review Source:  Great in-depth review of the AYN Odin by RGC!! Indiegogo Page:

AYN Announces Odin Delay

Not very surprising..., but the release of the Odin has been delayed again.  With parts shortages,  shipping problems and the global supply chain still being an absolute dumpster fire, delayed Releases for almost every handheld coming out is becoming the norm.  I do appreciate AYN at least communicating with the community which is not always what happens. Backers thinking they'd have an Odin in hand for Christmas will be disappointed though. :(  The only possible winner with this development is Anbernic with the inferior RG552 or the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus if confidence in the Odin project dips too much.

Odin Handheld: Fund or Wait?

The Odin retro handheld from AYN Technologies crowdfunding page (Indiegogo) went live yesterday so a lot of people will be wondering if they should take the risk and fund it now or wait... For me, I'm sitting this one out at least for now. The ceiling for the Odin is pretty high as it could end up being a great handheld that can handle up to GameCube and Wii level emulation. I also have to admit the Steam Deck killed a little bit of my excitement for the Odin. Prices on Odin after these "early bird" reserves are finished are expected to rise and that makes the Steam Deck even more attractive in my opinion. We'll just have to see how things go. I genuinely hope Odin does really well but my intuition says that there's a lot of potential red flags here.  Hopefully I'm not sounding too negative here because this could turn out to be an awesome handheld. There's just a lot of unknowns... Onl