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Reserved An AYN Loki 256

 When it comes to the upcoming AYN Loki, there are quite a few options. I thought about getting a Loki Mini Pro which honestly seems like the best $ for $ value, but I decided to go for the AYN Loki 256. The Loki Mini Pro is more than enough for most retro gaming needs and pretty cheap at $279+ (the current price). Experts on PC gaming like @carygolomb on Twitter say to avoid the base Loki Mini at $239+ considering its a considerable downgrade in power and just a little cheaper.  The Loki Max is $775+ and looks to be a real beast considerably better than a Steam Deck. The main reason I opted for the Loki 256 at $579+ was to pick up the Loki model that was somewhere in the middle.  Fortunately, the Loki and Loki Max can be reserved for $25 down which is a great move by AYN. Unfortunately the Loki Mini and Loki Mini Pro have to be reserved at full price. Loki Preview: 

AYN "Loki" Prices Revealed

  The prices for the AYN Loki have been revealed and they don't add up to being the cheapest Windows handheld option other than the "Mini".  I think AYN is making a mistake with so many different models but we'll have to see what happens. Prices range from $299-$799 over 5 models. There's still a long way to go before these are out.  The pricing still seems competitive. My main questions are about cooling and battery life. Whatever model has the best battery life with acceptable cooling will probably be the one I get. If it works out, it makes the Odin less attractive too... RetroGameCorps & Gary Golomb have pointed out that 6800U model (the most expensive) could have some serious battery life issues if they use the same battery as the Odin:

AYN "Loki" To Be Cheapest Windows Handheld

 Update: It looks like AYN plans to compete with the Steam Deck and AYANEO Air with their own Windows handheld and plan to price it below the competition.  They've had issues meeting demand with the 3 different models of the Odin so I'm not sure if we should expect this to be readily available but we'll have to see.  Via: